The Accidental Stripper


The Fuckin’ Pilot is back at it! Another book to add to your library of the most ridiculous filth in print.



“I can trace my entire adult life back to just one moment. One girl. One lie. If you were to ask me now why I told the lie I did, I’m really not sure I could answer the question. Actually that’s not true; basically I told the lie to get laid. It’s why I told that particular lie that I can’t quite explain. From unwitting entertainer to extreme sports athlete and then professional pilot, The Accidental Stripper is a chronicle of a life who’s path was set with one snap decision. One off the cuff remark that led to a life lived along the lunatic fringe. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are the most normal ingredients in a recipe that cooked up into one seriously funny, outrageous and over the top version of a life less ordinary. Twisted and ridiculous, shocking and at times a bit disgusting, you simply won’t believe what some peoples version of normal is!”


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