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Blue Skies Mag contributor Alastair Macartney wrote a book!

Perfect Madness: Escaping The Confines Of Conformity, Making The Impossible Possible And Redefining The Road To Success In Your Life!

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From the Back Cover

Do you wonder what else could be possible? Do you ever question conformity? Do you have dreams that you are yet to achieve? This book will open your eyes.

Are you scared of failure? Are you truly happy? Are you still waiting to achieve success in your life?

Working hard, getting promotions and earning more money is no longer the key to success. Success is created through happiness. The convention of holding down that 9-5 job is not the vital ingredient we once believed. You can live your dreams, create new possibilities and still be successful. This easy-to-read book breaks down the barriers providing succinct life lessons that you can immediately apply and allowing you to redefine the road to success in YOUR life.

Escape the confines of conformity. Choose to live dreams. Apply the lessons in this book now.

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