i97: January 2018

Kelly Winegar launches from a balloon a couple miles downwind of Skydive Allegan in Michigan.

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Cover Photo | Kelly Winegar

Featured Photo | Michael “Chico” Tomaselli

Santas and elves go crewing at Cocoa Beach in Florida.

The FlyBy

  • Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative
  • Aerodyne Semi-Stowless Bag Service Bulletin
  • Icarus Trophy 2018: Africa Edition
  • D’oh!
    We fucked up in the TSK Boogie article [i96: December 2017] by forgetting to credit some key contributors. Ivan Kokoulin took the awesome photo of jumper Megan Li stunning the TSK Boogie crowd with her electric violin covers of several Lindsey Stirling songs.
  • Blue Skies Mag Pull-Up Cords: The New Survival Paracord
  • Timothy Uhl has set the bar high for all skydiver SOs with his custom-built nightlight. Made of aluminum, steel and brass with custom LED wiring, girlfriend Elizabeth Kimber reports with pride, “The beautiful man even put a wheel and crank on the light so the skydiver could spin under canopy.” Check it out in motion at blueskiesmag.com and let us know if you can top this gorgeous spinny display of love.

MoAB: ELE Edition | By Jacquelyn Garcia

Micah’s motto was “ELE: everybody love everybody,” an axiom that lived at the core of his every day. In his honor, this year’s Mother of All Boogies was dubbed “The Moab Boogie: ELE edition.”

Wuhan Clan | By Zach Lewis

When asked if I was interested in filming a large group of jumpers skydive into an airshow in Wuhan, my first reply was an enthusiastic and affirmative “yes!” My second was, “Where the fuck is Wuhan?”

2017 Drop Zone Awards

2017 DZ Award Winners

Elite Rigging Academy | By Les Cooper

How things have changed from the old Lofty Thomas days; his was a loft above Bob’s Café with creaky floorboards and old Singer machines—however, Lofty did have electric motors fitted to them. Now Derek has a huge building festered with sewing machines of all types, including a bartak machine which I am sure his old man would have killed to get his hands on in those days.

Centerfold | By Mark “Trunk” Kirschenbaum

Chris Romp and Sean Horton (lead) at Meadow Peak Skydiving during the Lost Prairie Boogie in 2016.

The Nylon Ninjas: A Peek inside the Performance Designs R&D Department | By Hollie-Blue Allum, Performance Designs

Over the following months we’ll give you a closer look into the R&D department by interviewing different people, digging into the history and uncovering some of the magic. Next up: Amanda Festi, R&D project lead, U.S. freestyle champion and self-confessed gear dork.

How to Avoid Burnout | James La Barrie {Dropzone Marketing}

Usually, when you tie your passion to work, it’s easy to lose your enthusiasm.

+Turning Points+ Brave New Indoor/Outdoor Data World | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

There was time for careful and peaceful planning of the next year, working on business issues, improving online features, soliciting support and sponsorships. Hey, I could even effort a power nap here and there…

Then came the indoor events, sneaking in slowly, meet by meet, year by year a few more. That was the end of the power naps.

AFF-ucking Funny | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I shit you not, this poor fucker went into a beautiful arch, managing to get both feet off the deck and both hands in front of him as he slammed his chin into the bench seat, jumping quite beautifully back into the plane.

How to Make 2017 2018 Rad | Melanie Curtis

You don’t always have to do the big thing first just because you know you want to do it. It’s just as awesome to smash the little things that get you that much closer to the big thing.


Skygod gets it: we all want to get laid and, if you’re a sky ninja like him, taking some brand-new A license piece on a Mr. Bill XRW transfer is a sure way to make it happen.

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