i90: June 2017

On the cover: Vegard Larsen backflies over Tønsberg, Norway. Photo by Sindre Espejord

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Cover Photo | Sindre Espejord

Featured Photo | Guru Khalsa

Lawrence de Laubadere hangs out during the Pepe‘s Island Boogie in Panama.

The FlyBy

  • Wingsuit Corner with Travis Mickle
  • Reader Question: What’s your best logbook entry?
  • Take It DZ | Nadene Beyerbach, Adventure Creative
  • Sigma Q&A
  • Industry Beat: TonySuits new hire, Hypoxic’s Sony HYPEYE, Melanie’s book, New Parasport suits

Photo Interview: Ian Bobo | Zach Lewis

“Outside of any specific championships or moments, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I was a part of a time in the sport where I was given the opportunity to ride a wave of a discipline as it developed beyond the cutting edge.”

A {Sky} Family Affair | Zej Moczydlowski

Sure, wedding planner Nicole Winter and one of the bridesmaids, namely this author, gave a speech telling Pat’s family how Rita said marriage means no butt stuff.

Centerfold | George Katsoulis

The base transitions to an 8-way in-out during the Arizona Challenge held at Skydive Arizona. Pictured: Bill Legard, Tom Jenkins, John “Petey” Scharrer, Craig Girard, John Verley, Bob Barnes and Remi Aguila.

Mother’s Day | Shahram Dabiri

And we have all either seen or been to a family-owned drop zone where dad flies, mom manifests and the kids do what kids do. Yet how often do you hear about a mother-daughter combo? Or a mother-son combo? Or mom dragging both daughter and son into the crazy family we call skydiving?

Gear Review: Subterminal – Skydive & BASE Logbook | Sam Hardy

If you’re new to the game then start logging. It’s something that takes no time but can offer so much happiness when looking it over.

Case Study: My Mum | James La Barrie {Dropzone Marketing}

I’ve written about this dozens of times and you’re probably thinking, “There goes La Barrie droning on again about customer service.” Here’s the thing: I’m right.

Case Study: My Mum

+Turning Points+ 4-Way Juniors, Part 3 | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

My 4-way vision was that we all could not only fly together—girls and boys, teenagers, women and men—but also attend meets and enjoy 4-way competition with each other, and without separation into different categories. … However, my own vision might not be the best way to provide the 4-way juniors with the best environment.

Twotter Lovin’ | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I went from fearful and intimidated to respectful to full of enjoyment and then head over heels in love, and can happily say that the Twin Otter is my girl. She’s got my heart for life!

Twotter Lovin’

Let’s Have a Coffee | Melanie Curtis

Even in a community as social and supportive as skydiving, if we don’t feel deeply seen and accepted, the fun and fanfare of our sport can actually serve to make us feel even more alone and separated.


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