i87: March 2017

Leah Levy at Skydive Sebastian during the Spread the Love Boogie. Photo by David Cherry facebook.com/dsquaredskydiving.

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Cover Photo | David Cherry facebook.com/dsquaredskydiving

Featured Photo

A curious modern flying machine from the fantastical and twisted minds of the United Parachute Technologies Imaginarium, capable of transporting the wearer through the æther and beyond. First displayed at the Parachute Industry Association’s 2017 Symposium, we anticipate all forward-thinking men and women of the world to sport this new and daring fashion.

The FlyBy

Freezefest and Drunken Dodgeball at Skydive Cross Keys | Nadia Mazure

February in New Jersey is the time you really, really don’t want to get wet. But people are watching and you can’t disappoint, so you swoop the ice like a boss.

Relative Work | Cynthia Currie

Skydiving is one of the most beautiful feelings a human can experience: weightlessness, serenity, flight. Although we are simply falling straight down, there is no sensation of falling, it feels more like floating … on air. To be able to share that with my family is beyond phenomenal.

Icarus Trophy Part 1: Why? | Lara Kjeldsen

I think everyone is born with a pilot light in their belly; some of us swallow fuel in the form of adventure or love or purpose to feed their flame. Some try to ignore that it exists at all, of course, but these people do not skydive or paramotor or paraglide or BASE jump, much less camp at an airport.

Photo Essay & Centerfold: New Year’s Beach Boogie | Norman Kent www.normankent.com

The Glidersports Chronicles: A Clusterfuck of Awesomeness | Christophor Hill

So even though our first boogie was, in fact, a bit of a clusterfuck, everyone seemed to find a way to give a fuck.

High Jinks, Part XX | James L. Hayhurst

At the Air Force Academy, I learned to live by the cadet honor code: “We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.” I knew what I had to do.

How to Win and Keep Skydiving Sponsors | James La Barrie

Sponsorship isn’t a free ride, but rather a business agreement. There’s no faster way to burn your reputation and any hopes for future sponsorships if you don’t recognize this immediately.

How to Win and Keep Skydiving Sponsors

+Turning Points+ Living the Dream | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

Not only were the rules different before 1985, the logistics of training and competition were different too. It was normal to live in tents, cars, vans—whatever would save money and fit into the adventurous environment.

Why the Fuck Not? | The Fuckin’ Pilot

Of course, with the successes are an absolute shitload of failures as well, but that’s to be expected really.

Why the Fuck Not?

Cats with Laser-Beam Eyes | Melanie Curtis

Put stupid f*cking cats in pictures with your friends. Just don’t do it all the time. Sometimes write your column. Sometimes instead of going skydiving together, go eat pizza in the city or see the Philharmonic. Sometimes have the kale salad instead of the pizza. Because it makes the times you do have the pizza that much sweeter. The times you do jump together that much more fun.



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