i83: November 2016

Maksim Slobodian catches his reaction in Matthew Kenneth’s visor above Skydive DeLand.

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Cover Photo | Maksim Slobodian

Featured Photo | Todd Davis

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: How do you prepare for the offseason?
  • Skysurf versus Wingsuit versus Tracking | Corrine Furrer
  • Chicks Dig Skydiving Boogie at Skydive Danielson | Susan Amendola
  • Early Skydiving As I Remember It | Cy Stapleton

Photo Interview: Scott Roberts | Zach Lewis

Now I know the fine line we walk with parachutes and with every wing. The bliss that comes with ignorance was really nice.

Photo Interview: Scott Roberts

Our Most Difficult Adventure Yet | George Hargis

Weeks later, he is alive and he will recover (in due time). Words like occult pneumothorax, autoamputation and full thickness flap have become part of our everyday vocabulary.

Paper Airplane

Fold and fly yo’ own.

Centerfold | Maksim Slobodian


Now I am the first and only black solo paraplegic skydiver and I am ready for the world to know.

High Jinks, Part XVI | James L. Hayhurst

Mission status: “GO.”

Sport in Crisis | James La Barrie

The new low-price, high-volume approach is freaking everyone out, and industry DZOs are playing a dangerous game of chicken. Who will blink first?

Sport in Crisis?

+Turning Points+ From Russia with Love | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

I am hoping that Russia will soon host a big event again and show to more and more people how much Russians are NOT what the mainstream media presents to us.

Manifest Destiny | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I’ve worked hand in hand with many an amazing manifest master, and I’ve seen them handle the most brain twistingly difficult shit out there.

Manifest Destiny

Freakin’ Royalty | Melanie Curtis

I contest that that approach—genuinely caring about others and what we do—is where the gold standard of anything actually starts, grows, and thrives long-term.


WTF is wrong with you minions? Currency isn’t a dirty word.


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