i76: April 2016

Douggs takes a selfie. Pop quiz: Is he flying a speed wing or a mini wing? Answer on page 28.

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Cover Photo | Chris “Douggs” McDougall

Did you know this is only Douggs’ SECOND magazine cover ever? We’ll work on upping that number.

Featured Photo | Luciano Bacque

An orderly celebration of the Ecuadorian Army’s birthday.

The FlyBy

Take It DZ comic by Adventure Creative
The Paraglider (A Pantoum) | Amy Pinney
2016 Skydiving Hall of Fame Inductees
iFly Denver Mountain State Boogie | Melissa Keough

Party on the Playa II: Costa Rica 2016 | Karen Woolem

Photos by Tom Sanders to make you extra jealous.

When, on the last day of jumping, Tom Sanders walks up to you and asks if there’s room on your 600th jump and hands you a jump ticket, you know it’s been a good boogie.

BASE Persia: How Dreams Come True | Mehdi Habibi as told to Shahram Dabiri

People are wonderful, no matter where they live.

Our differences are made up, drawn by pointed sticks in the dirt and the only thing that keeps us apart is our fear of stepping over that line, that edge, that ledge and living in the waking dream.

The Vortex Replacement Program: A Gordian Knot of Challenges | Maryann Karinch

A follow-up to this unprecedented recall.

The deliverable to each affected Vortex owner who returns their rig is a brand-new harness and container system, which can be customized to suit the customer’s current wishes.

High Jinks, Part IX | James L. Hayhurst

Who is this guy from google?

However, when I asked who his sponsors were, he told me he was funding the project on his own. This gave me serious pause. I knew a project like this cost millions (I’d heard $25 to $40 million for Red Bull Stratos).

Centerfold | Taylor Maag

We named the right dog but the wrong pilot. Andrew Muse, not Jason White, is launching in Utah this month.

My Broken Wing | Sean Wynne

If you don’t have shoulder issues, you probably know someone who does. What do you do if that shoulder goes out before pull time?

A shoulder dislocation isn’t very serious compared to other serious skydive related injuries, but any of those above scenarios could have led to further injury or even killed me.

Skydiver PT: Shoulders | Nancy Grieger

Luckily for you, physical therapist Nancy Grieger shares some simple exercises to strengthen the shoulder.

PD New Beginning

These are great for head-down movement, strengthening the middle deltoid and supraspinatus muscles, and for carrying rigs.

Speed Wing or Mini Wing? | Troy Hartman

With all this discipline and sport bleed, there’s bound to be some terminology confusion.

To consider a speed wing and mini wing the same can be likened to grouping a Valkyrie 96 and Spectre 97 in the same class because they are both under 100 square feet.

The Toughest Gig in Skydiving | James La Barrie

Probably not what you think it is.

If your DZO is crusty, try to have some empathy—you never know what’s going on behind the scenes.


+Turning Points+ Do It on the Hill | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

And get your mind out of the gutter.

Exit and sub-terminal are the most beautiful and most challenging part of a skydive, and you have to appreciate it every time you get it.

So You’re about What? | The Fuckin’ Pilot

OK, who’s the one who asked what The Fuckin’ Pilot’s opionions are?

The truth is, I take a whole lot seriously, but just don’t write about it, because after all, well, I’m The Fuckin’ Pilot. I write fart jokes, talk about shitting in Safeway bags and having sex in Otters; I don’t talk real life!


JLD, Gary Vee and Me | Melanie Curtis

Find what you’re good at and then work really really really hard at it.

Maybe you become a professional skydiver traveling the world living the dream, maybe you become a badass entrepreneur contributing to the world in your own unique way, maybe you earn a phatty award through the company you commit your years to because you believe in what they stand for and that feels excellent to you as your life’s work ….

SkyGod 2016


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