i74: February 2016

Mabel Torres (front), Deya Pimentel and friends hang out during Skydive Cuautla’s New Years Beach Boogie in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Photo by Norman Kent www.normankent.com.

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Cover Photo | Norman Kent

Featured Photo | Patrick Reuter

The FlyBy

High Jinks, Part VII | James L. Hayhurst

My Icarus Trophy | Kristan Fischer

Photo Essay: Skydive Cuautla’s End of the Year Boogie | Norman Kent

Centerfold | Gustavo Cabana

Photo Break

Photos by Danielle Sutton, Olivier Knutti, Eric VanSteenbergen, Curt Vogelsang, Kevin Hennen, Gal Peled, Samantha Schwann and Jessica Brownlow.

The Most Interesting Mustache in the World: The Trials and Tribulations of Harry Stachio | Justin Beitler

Banana Man or: How I Learned to Carpe the Hell out of a Diem | Lu Madison

Live the Dream | James La Barrie

Live the Dream

+Turning Points+ SDC Rhythm XP: Airspeed’s Farm Team? | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

The Other Side of the Leaf | The Fuckin’ Pilot

The Other Side of the Leaf

Real Stamps, Real Life | Melanie Curtis

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