i73: January 2016

Sunset wingsuit jump with Darren Burke at Skydive Dubai. Photo by Jeffrey Chan.

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Cover Photo | Jeffrey Chan

Featured Photo | Chris Geiler

The FlyBy

High Jinks, Part VI | James L. Hayhurst

Douggs’ FJC: A Review | Ryan Banfield

What You Need To Know about Turkey Boogie 2015 | Matt Laj

Centerfold | Luciano Bacque

Sky Disco | Matt Blank

Slithering through Life with Mason Coriell | Annette O’Neil

Speed Wing Trimmers: The Basics | Troy Hartman

Johnny Strange, 1991-2015 | Bryan Strange

Uncommon Courage: Examining the Concept of Vulnerability | Mara Schmid

The Gentleman DZO | James La Barrie

The Gentleman DZO

Turning Points: Team World Rankings | Kurt Gaebel

In Defense of the Dark Arts | The Fuckin’ Pilot

In Defense of the Dark Arts

BOB | Melanie Curtis

Dear SkyGod


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PD New Beginning

Bee Realty Corp
Bev Suits
Fluid Wings
Larsen & Brusgaard
Opening Shock
Option Studios (pullupcords.com)
PIA Riggers Road Show 2016
Skydive Radio
SSK, Inc
Speedfly Soboba
Sun Path Products
Tony Suits
United Parachute Technologies (UPT)
Velocity Sports Equipment
Vigil America
Wicked Wingsuits
Handsome Dave DeWolf’s Rigger Courses

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