i71: November 2015

Jennifer Sensenbaugh enjoys one of those middle-of-summer, super-hot, puffy-cloud days above Skydive Spaceland in Houston, Texas. Photo by Guru Khalsa • @Gurustunts

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Cover Photo | Guru Khalsa

Featured Photo | Keith Creedy

The FlyBy

High Jinks, Part IV | James L. Hayhurst

Around-the-DZ Photography for Amateurs | Gilad Sharon

Mayhem and ‘Merika: The Return of the Mustache Boogie | Mara Schmid

Centerfold | Norman Kent

Common Pitfalls for Skydivers Transitioning to Speed Flying | Troy Hartman

Competing with 7 Hands: The Story of the German 4-Way Team Karma | Michael Sigl

Finding Her Wings: a Review of “Learning To Fly” by Steph Davis | Mara Schmid

The Spirit of Lower Light | James La Barrie

The Spirit of Lower Light

Turning Points: Toilets Only for Judges | Kurt Gaebel

BSBD | The Fuckin’ Pilot

The Meaning of “BSBD”

Vigilante of Sky and Stage | Melanie Curtis

Dear SkyGod


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Skydive Radio
Speedfly Soboba
SSK, Inc
Sun Path Products
Tony Suits
United Parachute Technologies
Velocity Sports Equipment
Wicked Wingsuits
Handsome Dave DeWolf’s Rigger Courses

PD New Beginning

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