i70: October 2015

Abdulbari Qubaisi lands during the 8th World Cup of Canopy Piloting, hosted by Parachutisme Nouvel Air in Farnham, Canada. Photo by Laura Golly, Performance Designs.

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Cover Photo | Laura Golly

Swooping swoopiness at Nouvel Air for the World Cup.

Featured Photo | Bryan Stoots

The crowning jewel of Skydive New England’s Tiki Boogie, just before its fiery demise.

The FlyBy

Take It DZ comic by Adventure Creative
DZ Awards voting open!
Icarus Trophy begins

Photo Interview: Maxine Tate | Zach Lewis

A Brit chick in a Peregrine dress that flies as beautifully as it looks.

Brit Chick is an identity. I feel like it is a badge of honor and I wear it on my sleeve literally. It is a collective name for British female skydivers and we use it with pride. It’s an identity that provides support and a sense of community, and it too has a very positive connotation for me.

Photo Interview: Maxine Tate

Fluid Dynamics | Annette O’Neil

The Most Ambitious Mashup in Air-Sports History Is Coming to Your Gear Closet

PD New Beginning

“I realized,” Kevin grins, “that we were going to have to build a culture from the ground up.” Excited by the idea, the two men went to work designing a paraglider for that uninvented frankensport.

High Jinks: Part III | James Hayhurst

The First Jump & First Record

After a short countdown, at exactly 09:44:32, Felix takes a measured step and pitches gently forward into the void.

Centerfold | Jessica Brownlow

Katie Hansen leads a head-down flock over Bay Area Skydiving in Byron, California. Photo by Jessica Brownlow. | Blue Skies Magazine i70: October 2015 | blueskiesmag.com

Katie Hansen leads a head-down flock over Bay Area Skydiving in Byron, California. Photo by Jessica Brownlow. | Blue Skies Magazine i70: October 2015 | blueskiesmag.com

Download Jessica’s centerfold as a desktop wallpaper [1743×1080]

Badasses and Boobies and Bouncy Houses, Oh My! | Lisa Bresson

Sisters in Skydiving, Skydive the Ranch Style

Despite—or maybe because of—all of the seemingly non-skydiving related activities that went on at this event, the camaraderie that exists between Ranch Hands is something to marvel at. We get along like one big twisted, demented, yet somehow happily functioning, family.

Behind the Biz: JOIN Skydiving Apparel | James La Barrie

A chat with an up-and-coming jumpsuit manufacturer.

At first, it was just a simple suit for my brother who didn’t want to pay 900 dollars for a suit. We made his suit out of a different material that’s qualities are windproof and still breathable, to slow him down. After that, we just started getting orders. We realized that there wasn’t a company making suits to slow people down like we do, so that is where we found our first niche in the industry.

Exciting Indoor Cloud League World | Kurt Gaebel

The Indoor Cloud League is a bridge that more and more flyers are crossing. NSL league directors, such as Lori Connor (NCSL), Deb Correia (NWSL), Jan Klapka (CZSL), passionate 4-way competitors (Amanda Lampton in Texas, Richard Bisson and Katie Woods in Canada, Brian Toohey in New England, myself in Florida) have offered wide-open 4-way doors to any indoor flyer and welcomed them to the regular events.

GoPro Really Is a Hero | The Fuckin’ Pilot

The real damage was done by my complete ignorance and lack of desire to look like the pussy who stood down ‘cause he had a hard opening, or because his back hurt, or he’d twisted his ankle, or a million other fucked-up things we all jump with on a daily basis for the million different reasons we do it.

GoPro Really Is a Hero

Psychological Warfare | Melanie Curtis

Grab your friends, make a team and go for it. The gift it actually gives is unparalleled in life, and you will only realize that years later. So yeah, do it.

Dear SkyGod


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