i68: August 2015

Steve Villardi hanging out above Skydive Sussex, NJ, during their That’s How We Roll 2 boogie. Photo by David Cherry.

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Cover Photo | David Cherry

Mr. Cherry’s first cover shot for us, and probably not the last. Steve Villardi looks like he’s having as good of a time as we wish we were right now!

Featured Photo | Darin McKeen

Mr. McKeen’s next on our list of up-and-coming photographers to keep an eye on. You can see more of his work at the Blue Skies Mag instagram world (curated by the lucky Mr. McKeen’s missus, Faith).

The FlyBy

  • Take It DZ by Nadene, Adventure Creative
  • MeXtreme Skydiving’s Hop & Pop Saturdays
  • Industry Beat: Curt Vogelsang goes to Alti-2, Costanza Zitellini goes to LiquidSky and John Sherman of Parachute Labs teaches rocket scientists a thing or two.
  • Solar Impulse 2 makes it to Hawaii, where it will relax for a few months after overheating.
  • Reader question: What came easy for you and what really didn’t?

Photo Interview: Sean MacCormac | Zach Lewis

As soon as I jumped I had a really spiritual connection with it, I just loved it and it was a passion for me and has never changed.

Photo Interview: Sean MacCormac

High Jinks: Observations from the Stratos and StratEx World Record Parachute Jumps | James Hayhurst

My first impression upon arrival at the site is that Red Bull is sparing no expense on this project. My impression three days later: That’s an understatement.

High Jinks: Observations from the Stratos & StratEx World Record Parachute Jumps, Part I

Centerfold | Rene Terstegen

Wingsuit flock over Jurien Bay in Western Australia during Skydive Jurien Bay’s J Bay Boogie. Photo by Rene Terstegen • skydivejurienbay.com | Blue Skies Magazine blueskiesmag.com

i68 Centerfold: Wingsuit flock over Jurien Bay in Western Australia during Skydive Jurien Bay’s J Bay Boogie. Photo by Rene Terstegen • skydivejurienbay.com

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PD New Beginning

Standing Gently in the Truth: Jean Boenish, BASE #3 | Mara Schmid

There’s this sense of power that we have gained from a refreshing day of jumping. There’s a sense of enlightenment and being lifted to another place, that we want to be able to bottle and take away with us … and be able to figure out how to share it with other people.

Standing Gently by the Truth

With Gratitude. | James La Barrie

During my early career in the business of skydiving, I had many people ask, “Are you still doing that skydiving thing?” I always took that to mean, “When are you going to get a real job?” I know anyone who has solely drawn all their income from skydiving has been asked this more than once.

With Gratitude

The Czech 4-Way Fairy Tale | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

It takes a lot of passion and energy to maintain a project like this, and Jan Klapka has both.

In or Out? | The Fuckin’ Pilot

I’ve been very fortunate in the aircraft training I’ve received both in and out of the sport, and like most pilots out there I realize that the training for us—just as it is for jumpers—is the true difference between life and death. But I also realize that just like being a jumper, a fair amount of good old fashioned fucking luck comes into play too.

In or Out?

We Got Guts | Melanie Curtis

It’s far too easy to keep doing what we’ve always done. And if we always do what we’ve always done just because we’ve always done it, we run the risk of blindly spending chunks of our life not as happy as we could be.

Dear SkyGod


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