i67: July 2015

Seth Claytor over Skydive Lake Wales, Florida. Photo by Randy Swallows • randyswallows.com

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Cover Photo | Randy Swallows

Randy Swallows grabs another awesome shot, this time of Seth Claytor over Skydive Lake Wales in Florida. As Randy says, “I am happy that this shot came from one of my best friends and I going out and fun jumping. No assignments, no rules, no agendas; just two friends sharing the sky. It was a great day and amazing weekend. Now I get to add this memory to my portfolio. Some shots are more special than others.”

Featured Photo | Mathew Kenny

Matthew Kenny shows us a wild t-Rex in flight, accompanied by Cynthia Currie.

The FlyBy

Photo Interview: Katie Hansen | Zach Lewis

Photo Interview: Katie Hansen

Write Your Own Boogie Article | by You

It’s a Mad Lib that we can’t legally call a Mad Lib. But it’s a Mad Lib.

Write your own boogie article

Wisdom from the Masters: Norman Kent

Hopefully this is just the start of us picking the brains and motivations of the masters in our sport. Norman Kent tells you how he gets those amazing shots time after time.

What makes unique photography stand out is the unique content of your motives, your motivations and what you stand for. These emotions become part of the image and are felt by the viewers.

Wisdom from the Masters: Norman Kent

Photo Essay: Australian National Record 119-Way | Norman Kent

Just in case you needed some proof that Norman’s a master.

PD New Beginning

Centerfold | Norman Kent

“The Aussies attempt a national formation record to beat their 112-way, set in 2010. On the last jump of the last day they clinched a 119-way. Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Photo by Norman Kent • www.normankent.com

Raven One Tracking Suit | Owen Tomkins

Using the Raven One combined with some coaching from the man behind the suit has really helped me to garner an understanding of the mechanics of tracking.

The Road Ahead | by James La Barrie

I love skydiving and I love the industry, but there are many DZOs who must wake up and realize that what has worked for so long no longer works.

The Road Ahead

Welcome, Juniors | by Kurt Gaebel

The golden opportunity is the fact that EVERY BODY can perform equally in freefall or tunnel air. There is no other competitive sport where this is possible.

All for a Good Night’s Sleep | by the Fuckin’ Pilot

The thought of a booty call from Michelle instantly piqued my interest and had me giving her directions to the house, but also made me completely forget the rest I desperately needed, as well as the fact that I’d taken the fucking Ambien.

All for a Good Night’s Sleep

Jim | by Melanie Curtis

Jim died, but oh my GOD, did he live. Oh my God, did he live.

Dear SkyGod

Made that first jump? GREAT! Now get out there on your own and start burning all of SkyGod’s favorite objects like the cock jockey you are.

SkyGod’s Guide to Social-Media Stardom via BASE Glory and Object Burning


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