i64: April 2015

Josh Ruiz-Velasco above the Riviera Nayarit during SkydiveMex’s Panchangon 2015 boogie. Photo by Norman Kent • www.normankent.com

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Cover Photo and Story: Pachangon 2015 | Words by Benjamin Forde, photos by Norman Kent.

Featured Photo | by Samantha Schwann

John Blackburn, Wade Baird, Andy Locke and Friday Friedman get caught in the Skydive Arizona tunnel.

Cheers to 50 Years! | by Curt Vogelsang

Curt got to crash Bill Booth’s 50-years-in-skydiving party. Lucky duck.

How to Ride the Unrideables | by Annette O’Neil

A cozy fireside chat with Red Bull’s Jon DeVore.

Photo Interview: Nancy Koreen | by Zach Lewis

Get to know USPA’s hottest staff member. Sorry, Ed.

PD New Beginning

Photo Interview: Nancy Koreen

Centerfold: Golden Knights VFS Team in Training | Photo by SFC Jon Ewald.

Blue Skies Mag i64 centerfold: Golden Knights' VFS | blueskiesmag.com

i64 Centerfold: The U.S. Army Parachute Team has added a vertical formation skydiving (VFS) team to its roster, calling it the Golden Knights Vertical Program (GKVP). Here, the team trains at Homestead Air Reserve Base in Florida in preparation for this year’s USPA Nationals, where they plan to compete in the VFS open category. (l to r): SGT Dan Osario, SGT John Long, SSG Trey Martin and SSG Reece Pendleton. Photo by SFC Jon Ewald.

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Welcome to the Wisconsin Skydiving Center | By James La Barrie

A DZ doin’ it right in Sconnie.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Skydiving Center

Tough Deal: Knock Out Airspeed | Turning Points By Kurt Gaebel

My Last Fuckin’ AFF | By the Fuckin’ Pilot

Weird | By Melanie Curtis

SkyGod’s Spring Break | By SkyGod


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