i63: March 2015

Matt Blank and Cyn Currie release the silks over Skydive Perris in California. Photo by Dan Dupuis.

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Cover Photo and Story: Matt Blank and Cyn Currie fly the silks in California. Photo by Dan Dupuis.


i63 Cover: Flying the Silks with Matt Blank, Cyn Currie and Dan Dupuis


CRW Dogs and Their Frozen Asses | Photo and words by Wendy Faulkner

If you ever get tired of looking pretty, or get dizzy standing on your head, head on over to the folks with the ugly gear and we will show you some real fun!

Tunnel Got You Stiff? Core | Yoga sequence by Emma Tranter

Bringing a balance of strength and flexibility to the muscles of the core WILL help you fly better.

SkyCouples: Dave and Karry Schwartz | Interview by Eli Godwin

Our relationship is what it is for a lot of reasons, but we don’t compare ourselves or look to others. We simply take our wedding vows seriously.

Centerfold: Guru Khalsa leads a sunset flock over Bay Area Skydiving | Photo by Jessica Vander Schauw

Blue Skies Magazine i63: March 2015 centerfold

i63: March 2015 | Guru Khalsa leads a sunset flock over Bay Area Skydiving. Photo by Jessica Vander Schauw

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Failure vs Success? | by Chris “Douggs” McDougall

We are all human beings and we all make mistakes. But for me, some of the best things that have ever happened to me have come from mistakes or failures.

Cause of Death: Malaria | by Moe Viletto

We all know that it’s not usually one sole element that produces a fatality. It is usually a series of small errors that ends up in Kapowieville.

Cause of Death: Malaria

Want Great Marketing? Start with Great Culture. | by James La Barrie

Management must treat employees the same way they expect employees to treat guests.

Want Great Marketing? Start with Culture.

Turning Points: We’re Getting There | by Kurt Gaebel

It Should Have Been a Joke | by the Fuckin’ Pilot

The day a skydive waiver of liability is found to be unenforceable, your days of jumping are over.

Take Care-a You | by Melanie Curtis

Time to ourselves is fuel for the soul and also can be useful in the bigger picture by giving us a very different lens to look at our lives through.

Dear SkyGod | by SkyGod

Every fucking day SkyGod sees another jumper trying to leverage the coolness of skydiving into a clothing brand.

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