i62: February 2015

Organizer Luis Prinetto gives the “two minutes until beer light” sign during Flight Camp 2014 at Skydive Sebastian. Photo by Norman Kent • www.normankent.com | Cover story: "How I Finally Became a Better Tandem Instructor" by Hannah Kruse

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Cover Photo: Luis Prinetto over Skydive Sebastian | by Norman Kent


It’s tbt all durned month!


Blue Skies Magazine February 2012 Issue #28

TBT: i28, February 2012 with our Valentine Luis

Luis = Valentine’s Day.

How I Finally Became a Better Tandem Instructor | by Hannah Kruse

They were just customers I didn’t really listen to and I only wanted to get back to the hangar without any incident. Next one please, here comes a real man!

How I Finally Became a Better Tandem Instructor

Featured Photo | by Nik Daniel

“Steve Curtis exiting the Otter over Skydive Arizona with Cardinals football attire. Photo by Niklas Daniel • NiklasDaniel.com

The FlyBy

  • Reader Question: Have you ever thought of quitting?
  • Comic Relief: Take It DZ by Nadene Beyerbachadventurecreative.ca
  • New fabric from Aerodyne, FX-11.
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  • Books! “No Shit There I Was, Thought I Was Gonna Die” and “The Fuckin’ Pilot: The Book” are both out now for your smutty book club.

The 4 Photographs | by Jeff Agard

Which quadrant are your photos in?

Countless times, I have seen photos given to tandem students after their jumps that are SO horrible from the point of view of composition (think instructor’s head cut off). In spite of this, the tandem student is overjoyed, showing a picture that screams, “Look what I just did!” and will proudly display that picture everywhere she can, despite it featuring a headless instructor.

World-Record Momma | by Melissa Lowe

Another generation of Nelsons has arrived …

So what’s it like jumping after having a baby? Fucking awesome! I’m a World Record Momma!

I ♥ Vertical Suits | by Joel Strickland

One man’s unabashed valentine to Vertical Suits.

Any instructor worth their meager wages will happily talk you into a coma about measurements and materials and shapes and styles.

Centerfold | by Kenneth GAJDA

Gajda, not Gadja, like we stupidly printed. We’re sorry Kenneth, we ♥ you!

PD New Beginning

Blue Skies Magazine i62: February 2015 | Centerfold by Kenneth Gajda

The PD Factory Team forms an orderly queue during their team camp last October at Skydive DeLand. (l to r): Gage Galle, Ian Bobo, Brian Vacher, Shannon Pilcher and Jessica Edgeington.
Photo by Kenneth Gajda

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Killing The Competition, La Barrie Style | by James La Barrie

It’s important that we all realize that skydiving isn’t in the skydiving industry; it’s in the hospitality industry. We are putting on a show every day in which the actual “skydive” is just one component.

Killing The Competition, La Barrie Style

Who Can You Trust? by Sydney Williams

Tales of a former N00b!

When you’re listening to a podcast, or reading threads on dropzone.com, or reading articles online, if you don’t personally know the author, it’s really hard to get a gauge of who they are, what their experience is, and if you can trust it.

NoPro in Skydiving Competition | by Kurt Gaebel, NSL

I will once again be provocative and say that I don’t see any “pros” in our sport at all, professional athletes, as they can be found in other real professional sports.

A Chip off the Ol’ Pilot | by Bailey Ricci, feat. the Fuckin’ Pilot

The Fuckin’ Pilot sired an articulate, independent, funny and heart-breakingly charming young woman. Who woulda thunkit?

Not many kids can say their dad’s true intention in life is to show them the world, but luckily this punk gets a dad like that.

A**holes | by Melanie Curtis

Yell out, “Hey asshole!” in a DZ hangar and let us know how many people respond, “What, asshole?”

As alternative as it may seem to the non-skydiving greater world, we as skydivers are indeed a family. We are a connected circle of great people with fierce enthusiasm for life and capacity for love. We’re here for each other. We make our lives collectively better when we come together.

Dear SkyGod by SkyGod

If you start wincing before you start reading, you’ll get a head start on the game!

Change your profile to black and you can be part of the secret society of mourners and make your whuffo friends think your sport is uber dangerous.


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