i6: December 2009

On the cover

Matt Hoover photographing Craig O’Brien photographing a wingsuit record attempt over Skydive Elsinore in California. matthoover.com

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* Raise the Sky Sets Wingsuit Record by Taya Weiss
* Top Ten Reasons to Jump in Winter
* Steve Harrington, 1968-2009 by Taya Weiss
* Livin’ the Dream by Kim Pothuisje
* I Was a Bridge Day Virgin by Christopher Anderson
* Centerfold: Marco Ciocca and Marco Tiezzi photographed above the African Freefall Convention in Mafikeng, South Africa. Photo by Pierre Badenhorst.
* Holiday Gift Exchange Ideas for Jumping
* Rigging: Seven Cool Features about Basik’s Seven Container by Mike Gruwell
* Dear SkyGod
* Jump a Random Skydiver: Riaan Bergh

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