i54: May 2014

Yahoo Brother Owen Johnson licking air at Skydive Carolina in Chester, South Carolina. | Photo by Chad Wilcox • www.chadwilcox.com.

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On the cover: A reader question. We want to know how everyone still here on earth is dealing with all the recent losses. These are your answers.

In The FlyBy: ParaflySim Beta, Mexican 4-way record, tit4tat, ink of the month, Flight-1 canopy flight tip, Take it DZ comic.

You may have watched Douggs’ web series on epictv.com last year, Planet Douggs. This month he tells you all about what went on behind the scenes, the lost footage and what didn’t make it to the show.

Pachanga Boogie 2014 by Benjamin Forde, photos by Norman Kent et al. “It was an awesome time, perfectly simple, insane, free and genuine … a place that felt free of overblown egos and ulterior motives. We just had a lot of fun and hangovers.”

Basically, a bunch of awesome people hang out at Matt Frohlich’s house and jump off cliffs. That is the Arizona BASE Boogie 2014 by Matt. “From the beginning, the boogie has had a simple formula: take the rowdiest group of jumpers we can find, add a bunch of great albeit technical jumps, a lot of PBR, and then let them crash our house for a week.”

A photo essay by Gustavo Cabana, www.guscabana.com, on Ethernal Boogie in Argentina.

The final installment of Moe Viletto’s adventures on set of “Drop Zone” with photos by Tom Sanders, aerialfocus.com.

PD New Beginning

Out of Window, Out of Body: “Drop Zone” Tales, Part 3

Out of Window Out of Body: “Drop Zone” Tales, Part 3

An open letter to new AFF instructors, by Melissa Lowe, Ben Lowe and Barry Williams, aka very experienced AFF instructors.

Transformative Marketing: Culture, Service, WOM by James LaBarrie. “This approach changes the idea of having someone handle the marketing for a drop zone into having an army of marketers out in the community pushing your experience.”

Transformative Marketing: Culture, Service, WOM

From the Other Side: Tales of a Former N00b by former n00b Sydney Owen Williams. N00bs Assemble! “Go forth, n00bs, and get your boogie on.”

N00bs Assemble!

Turning Points by Kurt Gaebel, NSL. Live Coverage: Empuria – Montreal – Bedford. “The brave new indoor world has allowed skydiving competition to take the next step in bringing our sport closer to the general public and to the media.”

The Devil You Know? by the Fuckin’ Pilot. “It’s true. If you put me in a room with 99 normal well-adjusted women and one bi-polar, schizophrenic boozehound with daddy issues, I’ll make a straight line for the mental case pretty much every time!”

The Devil You Know?

“Let’s bring our brains back to the task at hand … back to the skydive we’re on, back to the people we’re with … back to the present moment.” Worth Trying by Melanie Curtis Grillet, highcomms.com.