i5: November 2009

Justin Shorb flying in formation above Crystal Lotz and Purple Mike doing a Rodeo above Skydive Pepperell. Photo by Scott Callantine.

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– Who Is Spaceland Blue? by Niklas Daniel
– “In Deep” Movie Review by Adam Spicer
– Top Ten Ways to Deal with Relative Work
– Florida Is for the [Snow]Birds

GAVBR Update

– Centerfold: Ray “Mac” McCammon gives pilot Jason Guinnee course corrections for jump run over Illinois Valley Parachute Club near Bloomington, IL. Photo by Marty Barman • martybarman.com
– Paying the Piper: Sean Rogan
– The Vans Warped Tour by Sean Rogan
– The Last Big Splash: A Photo Essay by Justin Carmody
– No Shit, There I Was by Jeff Dawson
– Manufacturer Customer Service: Crickets Are Chirping by The Grim Rigger
– Jump for the Cause ’09 by Willy Boeykens www.skycam.be
– Tunnel Review by Ari Perelman
– Dear SkyGod
– Jump a Random Skydiver: Erin Horton

PD New Beginning

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