i45: August 2013

Andrew Luna chutes the tube over Jumptown in Orange, Mass. Photo by Brian Buckland.

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Letters Home

A boogie diary by the Jager Brothers. “Manifest received the first shots, then shit got weird.”

Featured Photo

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Photo by Samantha Schwann.

Friday Friedman hanging around at SkyVenture Arizona. Photo by Samantha Schwann, www.samanthaschwann.com.

The FlyBy

Buy Blue Skies Magazine to see me full size!Kuwait’s First Skydiver Becomes Kuwait’s First BASE Jumper “Unfortunately Kuwait does not have skydiving, but this hasn’t stopped me chasing the sport I love—I have traveled to more than 10 countries in the past year, and made more than 400 skydives.”
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Finnish Women’s Head-Down Record Holders

Jonna Berghall
Vera Bjork
Maria Dmitrienko
Heini Elo
Milla Kuitunen
Maura Rosqvist
Inka Tiitto
Liina Vaananen
Klas Ramsay, photo/videographer
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Skydiving Word to Stop F*ing Up: CYPRES
What it is “CYbernetic Parachute RElease System:” The electronic doohickey that just might activate your reserve if you are unable to do so (or if you are a giant fuck-up).

What it is not cypress: An evergreen coniferous tree, the bald variety of which is common to Florida swamps. Cyprus: a small Mediterranean island nation off the coast of Turkey.

What you mean to say “Was there a CYPRES in the rig?”

What it sounds like when you confuse CYPRES with cypress/Cyprus “Was there a tree or a small country in the rig?”

Guest submission by Eli. If you have a skydiving word you’d like people to stop fucking up, send it to lara@blueskiesmag.com.

Red Bull X-Alps 2013
Chrigel Maurer of Switzerland has won the Red Bull X-Alps. www.redbullxalps.com

Love in the Air: Full Altitude

by Murv
“Anyone who has had the chance to share the Otter with Todd, see him land, watch him fly in the tunnel, or just hang out around the DZ knows the incredible energy and positive attitude he exudes.”

2013 Go Fast Games Puente Baluarte

by Jimmy Pouchert, Apex BASE

“We had just invited 50 friends to jump into one of the most technical landing areas we had ever seen, anywhere. Uh, oh.”

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BASE jumpers welcomed at Puente Ballarte. Photo by Jesus Nunez.

SiS Invades Canada

by Joe Alary
“Sticking together is exactly what went on at Skydive Burnaby and it was evident that these women take their sport seriously and love to have fun at the same time—a great lesson learned by any young woman entering this sport.”

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Big and little SiS all in. Photo by Joe Alary.


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Mark Cochran jumping a very particular NZ Aerosports Crossfire at the 2013 New Smyrna Beach Balloon and Sky Fest. Photo by Lance Wesley.

John Birdsall, Fellow Speed Freak

by Chris Peterson
“Like many skydivers, John loves to push his limits and try new things. The only thing that sets John apart from the rest of us is that he has cerebral palsy. As a result of his condition, he can’t walk or speak. But this does nothing to keep him from living a wild life.”

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Taking in the view shortly after exit at 19,500′. Photo by Chris Peterson.

PD New Beginning

“Drop Zone” BASE

by Moe Viletto
“So, one may wonder if that big black bird soaring over the roof the night before the jumps was the reincarnation of our buddy Mike Allen…I like to believe it was. Thanks, and I love you, Mike. ”

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Photo by Tom Sanders | AerialFocus.com

“Drop Zone” BASE (And Breathing in the Spirit of Mike Allen)

And, some photos we couldn’t fit in the mag:

“Drop Zone” BASE by Moe Viletto

Turning Points: Undefeated

by Kurt Gaebel, National Skydiving League

“It does not happen very often that world champions retire as the reigning champions.”

Fear Factor

by the F*ckin’ Pilot

“As I see it, the most substantial difference between extreme sports athletes and everybody else is that we don’t see fear as a barrier to participation.”

Fear Factor

My Tizzle, 2013

by Melanie Curtis, highcomms.com

“We did things. We lived. And we have the memories to show for it. And in that I think … Thank God … Man … MAN! Thank GOD we lived, loved, and rocked the bit of life we had together while we had the chance.”