i40: February 2013

Making Old Skool Cool. Red Bull Air Force jumper Jeff Provenzano hadn't seen Stefan Klaus or a sky surf board in years, but both showed up one day in Eloy, Arizona. A mirror glued to the bottom of the board and "Bam there it is. Pretty weird seeing a full-body reflection of yourself in freefall. I could not help but laugh."

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In This Issue

Cover Photo by Jeff Provenzano

No Shit There I Was by Katena Houfek

Go Fast Slingshot by Jimmy Pouchert

Kickin’ It Old Skool by Randy Swallows

Espen Fadnes: Smooth Operator by Cynthia Lynn Guzman

Top Ten Tunnel Fliers by Jake Diliberto

Centerfold by Tim Hajewski

Sebastian Invasion 2012: A Photo Essay by Norman Kent

Paying the Piper: David Michael Winland

Tales of the Badass: SoCal Converge by Sydney

NSL News: 4-Way Personnel Drama by Kurt Gaebel, National Skydiving League

TSA Two-Step by Dean Ricci

TSA Two-Step

I’m Serious! by Melanie Curtis

Argon Air, Helipad Inspectors by Moe Viletto

Argon Air, Helipad Inspectors

Dear SkyGod by SkyGod