i4: October 2009

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Aga Kielbus flashes some teeth over Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL. Photo by Andrzej Jesmanowicsz.

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+ 16th World Cup of Formation Skydiving & 9th European Championships of Formation Skydiving Prostejov, Czech Republic by Steve Hamilton
+ Top Ten Best Skydiving-Related(ish) Halloween Costumes
+ The Road to Nationals
+ Eli Thompson, 1973-2009
+ Bridge Day 2009 Guide
+ User’s Guide to Jumping with Produce by Simon “Bones” Palacio
+ Centerfold: Some of the girls of Sky Knights SPC participate in a freefly “Zoo” in the skies of East Troy, Wisconsin. Pictured: Kristin Cooney, Amy Gralewski, Nicole Fain, Lisa Schieffer, Mary Goetsch. Photo by Derrick Krakau.
+ Paying the Piper: Tommy Raymer
+ Blue Skies, Black Death
+ No Shit, There I Was: Two Out by Matt Brozyna
+ Any Given Friday by The Grim Rigger
+ Last Call by Bruce Morrison
+ Dear SkyGod
+ Jump a Random Skydiver: Heather Muroski

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