i36: October 2012

  i36: October 2012 | Andy Malchiodi. Burning Man. That's it. Photo by Karlee Ayers.

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October 2012 Issue #36

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Sergeant Deane Smith jumps with the London 2012 Summer Olympics’ torch as Warrant Officer Spencer Hogg tracks away (Major Alastair Macartney is not in view). The three make up team Jump4Heroes, the Royal British Legion’s awareness-raising skydiving and BASE jumping team. The team had previously taken Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, a double amputee injured in Afghanistan, on a tandem skydive. In return, he let the team jump with the same torch he carried during its 70-day relay from Athens to London.

BSBD Donny Brown

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BAMF XPF by Brianne Thompson

Summer Camp for Skydivers, 2012 Edition by Karen Woolem

5 Notes for the New Skydiver by Annette O’Neil

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? by Beth Athanas

Centerfold by Marie Nel
Late afternoon load getting ready at Skydive Central outside of Bloemfontein, South Africa. Pilot Jacques Nel with jumpers Tommy Venter, Chris de Jager, Sonja Botha and Olaf Ohlson.

PD New Beginning

How to Open Your Parachute by Luke Oliver

Opinion: Wake Up and Smell the Birdshit by Scotty Burns

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Tales of the Badass: Hannah Betts, 4-Way Goddess by Sydney Owen

Turning Points: Turning Tables by Kurt Gaebel

A Year in the Real World by the Fuckin’ Pilot

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Rewire the Time Bomb by Melanie Curtis

Dear SkyGod