i35: September 2012

  i35: September 2012 | Unoficially the largest VFS formation ever - 142 skydivers holding hands above Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL, during their annual Summerfest boogie. Photo by Babylon-Freefly-Kuri.

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September 2012 Issue #35

In This Issue

The HTC One Project, Part 2 by Sydney Owen

Harnessing Fear: A Skydiver’s Guide to Effective Self-Talk by Beth Athanas


Gravity by Annette O’Neil

Download the full article: Gravity .

Photo Essay: Summerfest 2012

Centerfold: 138-Way VFS World Record by Norman Kent

PD New Beginning

What’s the Rush? by Douggs

Download the full article: What’s the Rush?.

Turning Points: God Save the Queen by Kurt Gaebel

Pants Off Dance Off by the Fuckin’ Pilot

Read the full article online at blueskiesmag.com.

I Want to Learn to BASE Jump by Melanie Curtis

Dear SkyGod