i3: September 2009

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Matt Federer executes some fancy footwork while swooping in at Skydive DeLand in Florida. Photo by Justin Carmody • www.captivelens.com

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The one where we get kicked out of our printer’s house.
108-Way Head-Down World Record | photos by Brian Buckland
YouTube Summerfest Showdown
Rainbow Boogie ’09 by Mark Rejohn
Centerfold: Danielle Dahl hangin out taking a break before loading at Couch Freaks. Photo by Dano Robertson • www.dropzonephotos.com
From Skydiving to Speed Flying by Scott Roberts
No Shit, There I Was by Gene Getman
Rigging: Your First Rig by Mike Gruwell
Dear SkyGod
Jump a Random Skydiver: Jeromy Alexander

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