i25: October/November 2011

  i25: October/November 2011 | Rob Root of the Liberty Parachute Team exits for a demo jump over EAA AirVenture 2011, the world’s biggest air show which is held annually in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Photo by Mariano Rosales • Courtesy of EAA Photo

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October/November 2011 Issue #25

In This Issue

* Stop $100 Load Fee, Legalize BASE Jumping
* The Zen of BASE, Part 2: Very Lucky | Matt Gerdes
* The Ultimate Test of Tunnel Training | Shannon McCarthy
* Centerfold | John Zagoda
* RBF Lessons Learned |Karen Woolem
* Follow the Bromance to Nationals | Faith Hewitt-Treadwell
* Big Girls Don’t Cry: Isabel Dao | Cynthia Lynn-Guzman
* What’s the 4-Way World without Airspeed | Kurt Gaebel, NSL

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* Continuing Education: Not Just for Corporations Anymore | Sydney Owen
* So Hard To Say Goodbye | The Fuckin’ Pilot

PD New Beginning

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* Venison Steaks | Melanie Curtis
* Dear SkyGod
* Jump a Random Skydiver | Missy Keough