i15: November 2010

  i15: November 2010 | Cover Photo: Greg Kapral (well, part of his helmet at least...), Terry Godfrey (the one with the about-to-fart expression), Greg Alvarado (the screamer) and professional camera-geeker Kevin Brown (hanging) over Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, IL. Photo by Brad Vancina.

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November 2010 Issue #15

In this issue

  • Chicks Rock by Melanie Curtis
  • The Joy of Freefall Sex by Dick Gosinya and Blondie Shagswell
  • Ladies’ Lodi Sequentials by Stephanie Soria
  • Learning to Fly by Kolla Kolbeinsdottir
  • Centerfold by Andreas Gubser
  • No Shit, There I Was by Stuart Schoenfeld
  • Thou Shalt Not Tattoo
  • Show Me the Money by The Fuckin’ Pilot

    Read the full article online at blueskiesmag.com.

    PD New Beginning

  • Kapow! by Melanie Curtis

    Read the full article online at melaniecurtis.com.

  • Dear SkyGod
  • Jump a Random Stranger: Kevin Brown