i14: October 2010

  i14: October 2010 | Luciano Bacque (pronounced Bah Kay) being attacked by a camera-flying dog. Photo by Jack Russel • www.skypooch.com
(Actually it’s a self portrait taken by Luciano using a foot-mounted camera. www.peterpanfilms.com)

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October 2010 Issue #14

In this issue

  • The Five-Mile High Club by Tom Noonan
  • Project XRW Round 2: Girl Power Edition by Taya Weiss
  • Nationals 2010 | Much Coolness and Not Much Uncoolness: Perspectives of a First-Time Competitor by Krisanne Combs
  • Nationals 2010 Photo Essay by Juan Mayer
  • Dirt Dive This by Ian Drennan
  • Going In by The Fuckin’ Pilot

    Read the full article online at blueskiesmag.com.

    PD New Beginning

  • Look Mel, No Floaties by Melanie Curtis
  • Dear SkyGod
  • Jump a Random Stranger: Roger Allen