i2: August 2009

On the cover

Chad Staerkel does a gainer during Bridge Day 2008 at the New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, West Virginia. Photo by Randi Paquette.

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No Shit, There I Was by Eugenio “Keno” Dominguez G.
Top Ten Hottest DZs
A Week in the Life of Nick Grillet
That Guy: Håvard Flaat
The Road to Nationals
Centerfold: Mike Wittenburg, Troy Church, Biff Bolen and Ben Crooch over Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois. Photo by John Zagoda.
Flock You by Scott Roberts
A Whuffo Among You by Reina Malakoff
I Can’t Say NO to Drogues by Craig Poxon
Sky Trends by Flora Uragallo
Rigging for the Naked Skydive by Mike Gruwell

Rigging for the Naked Skydive

Dear SkyGod
Jump a Random Stranger: Danïel “Blikkies” Blignaut

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