i1: July 2009

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Warren Cleary flapping lips over Skydive the Farm in Rockmart, GA. Photo by Dave Padyjasek

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iPhone game reviews
Top Ten Best Skydiving Jobs
The Golden Knights at the Statue of Liberty
A Week in the Life of Eric Deren
Centerfold: Britt Schorr is on photographer Brian Buckland’s back as he flies his wingsuit with a camera mounted backwards (so the shot was taken “blind”) as Leah Burnett tracks in. Photo by Brian Buckland.
That Guy: Dominik Loyen
The Road to Nationals
Preparing for Competition by Steve Hamilton
Valinda Mitchell, Skydiving’s Superwoman by Krisanne Combs
Rigging by Mike Gruwell

Rigging: Closing Loops

Tunnel Review by Ari Perelman
Dear SkyGod
BSBD, Jim Kime
Jump a Random Stranger: Markus Wolf

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