Rookie Canopy Competition at Skydive Cross Keys

This is a sport accuracy competition to allow jumpers of all levels to showcase and practice their canopy skills. There will be 2 categories: under 500 jumps and over 500 jumps. Each round will consistent of landing on different courses that reward more points for landing closer to the target or completing a task. Showcasing good canopy skills by standing up your landings and being safe will also benefit the competitor. The courses and full rules will be announced closer to the date.

The event is limited to 18 people so we can keep it to one plane load. The event is free but it’s $25 to register for a slot and it will cover your first jump. The only cost is the of 5 hop and pops including the registration one.

Call or visit manifest to reserve your spot!

If you have any questions ask them here or message Logan Donovan as she is running and judging the event. Let her know if you want to volunteer!

The winner of each category gets 3 free jump tickets and credit at the gear store.



Jul 15 2017


All of the day


Skydive Cross Keys
Williamstown, NJ


22 °C
Wind: 0 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 9 KM

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