Dink Dink: Episode VII – ‘chutes & Ladders

Dink Dink. It’s not just a boogie, it’s stoopid fun. The Raw Dogs travelling CRW circus put together a DZ, get some good ole turbine airlift and make a mockery of good taste. What’s a Dink Dink? It’s a drinking game, if you must know. It’ll make you bruised, hung over and regretful. 2017 was Too in the Dink, this year is Chutes and Ladders (Dinking as a drinking event is a tournament involving ladders).

Oh, skydiving too. Organizers for EVERYTHING. It’s run by CRW dogs, but it’s not a CRW boogie. We try to pull off beautiful innovative shit every go around. Last year will kitto buzzed a 9 way CRW diamond in his prom dress, then deployed a lightning and hit it. So you can check that one off.

RW, CRW, Wingsuiting, XRW, HP Flocking, Freefly, Angles… yeah whatever kids are into these days. We have our own beer made by a local Michigan brewery, this year it’s Jortsenweizen!

Hastings, Michigan, June 21 – 24. We’re the very western edge of the eastern timezone so the jumping goes late and then the other stuff. So it’s an endurance event.

Be entertained, or be entertainment. Your choice! Good luck.

Event Link: dinkdinkboogie.com



Jun 21 2018 - Jun 24 2018


All of the day




canopy formation (CF),
formation skydiving (FS),


Hastings Airport
Hastings, MI


Partly Cloudy
15 °C
Wind: 1 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 3 KM

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