Cookie Helmets releases the impact-rated M3

Written by Blue Skies Mag

Cookie Helmets are freshly accepting order for their new helmet, the open-face M3.

From the Cookie website:

Tuesday 26 June 2018, by Cookie
After extensive research, design and testing, we’re excited to announce the impact-rated Cookie M3 helmet is now available!

The M3 is our low-volume, open-face helmet that is impact certified in accordance with the newest European skydiving helmet safety standard. It’s a great choice for instructors, canopy pilots, military jumpers, newbies, tunnel students—pretty much anyone who is looking for greater protection or just wants to look cool. :)

Constructed with an ABS exterior shell and an expanded poly-propylene (EPP) internal liner, the M3 comfortably holds two audible altimeters. The liner is moisture-wicking, and while durable, it’s also easily replaceable. Available in sizes XS – XXL, color choices include black, white, blue and red—lime green and charcoal will be added soon.

Impact rating details
The M3 complies to the newly developed Skydiving Helmet Standard XP S 72-600. This standard requires the design of the helmet to comply with a list of technical requirements, including:

• Impact testing all areas in varying environmental conditions
• Snag testing to ensure a parachute line cannot be caught by the helmet
• One-handed buckle release under load
• Chinstrap retention
• Coverage and roll off for secure fit

The M3 retails for $169, with a replacement liner is available for $29.
The company does note that a snag test was not a part of the certification – and adding a camera would mean that it could fail the snag test.

As with impact-rated ski or motor sports helmets, adding a camera to the helmet will void certification – so any such mounting will be done at own risk. More details can be found in the M3 FAQ’s posted on the Cookie website.


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