South American No Grip Wingsuit Record Ratified: 16-way

Written by Blue Skies Mag

Congrats South American jumpers – FAI has just ratified your new new no grip wingsuit record!
Jumpers from Brazil and Argentina came together to share airspace but not quite touch, and thus set a new South American record for no-grip wingsuiting formation. Congrats everyone!

PD New Beginning

FAI has r the following Class G (Parachuting) South-American record :
Claim number : 18363
Sub-class : G-2 / Performance Records
Category : General
Group / Type: Largest Formation Records – Wingsuit Flying no Grip
Course/location : Piracicaba (Brazil)
Performance : 16 skydivers
Team of International
Team Members : Gleison Jose Barion (Brazil), Alexandre Braz (Brazil), Pedro Campoy Santos Pinto (Brazil), Francisco Caus (Brazil), Waldemar Dias Martins Neto (Brazil), Kennio Domingues (Brazil), Daniel Figueiredo Voelzke (Brazil), Ricardo Fragnani (Brazil), Marcos Javier Rodriguez (Argentina), Rodrigo Miranda de Oliveira (Brazil), Carlos Jose Parola (Argentina), Maria Julia Pascon (Brazil), Ricardo Pinheiro Agostini (Brazil), Andre Ramos Rodrigues (Brazil), Flavio de Oliveira Jordao (Brazil), Lucas de Zorzi (Brazil)
Date : 16.12.2017
Previous record : no record set yet

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