Rigging Innovations releases the MOJO MARD

Written by Kolla

Press Release


MAY 9, 2018


Effective June 1, 2018, RIGGING INNOVATIONS INC will begin production of its MOJO MARD system as a factory option on the CURV and CPX harness and container systems and as a standard component of the Telesis 4.0 systems. Once production begins on new systems, it will be available as a retrofit to all previous CURV, CPX, and Telesis 3.0 systems.

The retrofit requires no modification to the harness and container system and all that is needed is a new reserve freebag with the MOJO release installed and a MOJO RSL. Retrofit parts will be available from RI dealers on or before July 1, 2018.

The price as a factory option or as retrofit parts will be US$295.00 complete.

Any questions may be addressed to

Sandy R. Reid



Download a copy here: MOJO Release 2018



Karl-Bob Eakins getting MOJO’d!
Photo by Bruce Griffiths (shot from the ground with his humongous lens)


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