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Reader question: What book has most impacted your jumping?

Written by Lara

It doesn’t have to be specifically about skydiving or BASE jumping or paragliding – or even aviation – but what book has stuck with you most in your jumping career?

Selected responses will be printed in the March 2018 issue (i99) of Blue Skies Mag, which will also feature Mara Schmid’s new series of book reviews.

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  • Deel survival. Who lives, who dies, and why. Completely changes the way I read in incident reports, and how I self evaluate pressure and breaking points

    Zero skydiving in it but highly relevant.

  • As far as influence on my jumping career, it has to be The Great Book of Base; Matt Gerdes. It taught me that BASE was not for me. I was looking for something more from my jumping at the time and it was super influential in my decision to not BASE jump. I read that and a few other BASE related novels. I still love and admire the sport but we all have to draw our risk “line in the sand” somewhere and Gerdes did a great job of preparing me to make a logical argument that I was not ready for base. I am also a pussy. Cheers!

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