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2017 October Flight Fest at Soboba Flight Park!

Written by Kolla

California based Soboba Flight Park is putting on a Flight Fest for all you air sports enthusiasts!

Boogie fee:  $25:

Discounted ride token blocks: $50/10 tokens and $90/20 tokens (avail Th-Sun to boogiers only), shirt, camping fees, day fees. Flying costume comp, dinner, and live music/party Saturday.

Ride tokens: Get you to the PG launch at the 650′, and we hike to launches at 800′, 1000′, 1450′, 1,500′ and 2,200′
Site Amenities: Shower, kitchen on-site, open fire, music, BBQ, refrigerator space (limited) & plenty of space for RVs but no hook ups. There’s a grocery store, restaurants, coffee shops… etc. all within two miles.
If you don’t have a P2 rating, contact David Hebert before making arrangements for coming out.

Flying Costumes Comp: Get creative, have fun, and win some ride tokens!

  • 1st place: 10 token
  • 2nd place: 8 tokens
  • 3rd place: 5 tokens

Need ideas? Check out the Coupe Icare Masquerade Contest for some awesome stuff! 

Skydiving on Friday (October 27):
Registration is $45 and includes one jump and transportation to the airport, the plane will be coming out of Banning, and dropping you back off at Soboba. After that, it’s $35/jump. All ratings welcomed.  Send registration fee through PayPal to Jessica Frump . Please include a note for what the payment is for, and use the ‘Friends & Family’ option.

We’ve arranged to have the site set up as a temporary dropzone, and standard procedure is to call again three days ahead to double-check on the approval. So, worst case scenario, three days ahead they decide not to let us operate as a DZ (which sounded unlikely) and we’ll refund your $45 registration fee.

For the most up to date information, follow the October Flight fest event on Facebook!


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