Pick your favorite Red Bull X-Alps 2017 white dude
It's difficult.
Written by Lara

The Red Bull X-Alps 2017 starts this week. Competitors can hike or paraglide the 700-mile course through the Alps, but those are the only modes of transportation allowed. Prologue races were scheduled for today, to determine the winner of a ‘you don’t have to sleep’ pass for one night. Quite a prize.

First, we need to pick a favorite. My first pick was Sebastian Huber, because the only thing that scares him about the race is the “media” and I like anyone who fears me. (You can read about all 31 of the white dudes competing this year – sorry, the Asian guy had to drop out – and pick your favorites to track and root for.)

Obviously I wanted to go with the Americans but I just wasn’t feeling them … until today:

PD New Beginning

Live tracking will be up during the entire race, beginning in two short days:

And if you still haven’t had enough, there is this pretty video to occupy your time:

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