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Meet the Sky Family: Piper

Written by Lara

The next member of our family is already the most popular: Piper the dog. Because dogs are the best.

Piper was a crazy fucking mutt I picked up from the free pile in James Island, South Carolina, when she was 4 weeks old. She was born in a good ol’ boy’s bed while he was out boozin’ and her mom weaned the whole litter early so he was keen to find them homes. I picked the one running away from the pack – something I probably should have seen as a bad sign but I was 21 years old and didn’t know any better.

Piper traveled with me from South Carolina to Colorado to Washington to Maine to Florida to Virginia and back to Florida. We hiked 14ers, ran on the beach, played in the snow, and chased our tails together. She loved to have her nose rubbed and bark at everyone who came to the office. She also really, really, really loved farting.

PD New Beginning

She died six years ago with a tummy full of bacon and I miss her every day. She was a good dog. I smile every time I see our Piper stickers and I hope they remind you of your best friend, too.

We’d love to know who your Sky Family is. Send us photos of your stickers out in the wild and we’ll feature them here!

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