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Meet the Sky Family: Ian

Ian, Ian and Ian.
Written by Lara

We started to introduce you to our Sky Family and then got caught up in other stuff that wasn’t introducing you to our Sky Family. So, to pick right back up, today you’ll be meeting Ian.

Ian has two wonderful namesakes, both shiny of head and spirit, both Ian H.

Ian Halliday is the IT genius behind our hosting, email, behind-the-scenes tech stuff and general generosity of spirit. He’s a proud father, husband, friend and Cubs fan.

PD New Beginning

Driving 1,000 miles in the snow with a screaming pug, followed by five hours of database work can really tire a guy out.

Slightly less shiny of head, but no less shiny of heart, is our friend from the North, Ian Harrop. Ian H. II is a singer, and also quite techy himself.

Ian H. II also gives of himself, literally. He is up to donation #450 at last count.

Both Ians are also tremendous skydivers. Ian the First is on a 4-way team called Connect Four and they are training to clean up at Nationals this year. Ian the Second is in his 41st year of jumping from planes for fun. We are lucky to call both these outstanding Ians our friends, and to dedicate the Ian Sky Family sticker to them both. Cheers, Ians!

We’d love to know who your Sky Family is. Send us photos of your stickers out in the wild and we’ll feature them here!

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