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Get some off-the-DZ skydiving help from Melanie Curtis
Written by Lara

If you read and love Melanie Curtis’ column every month, but maybe don’t have the cash for individual coaching, her online group, The Virtual Skydiving Center, is open for new members. Fees are on a sliding scale, so you could get good stuff for $5/month. Pretty sweet deal, especially if you’re new-ish to the sport and HAVE ALL THE QUESTIONS but want someone neutral to hash it over with after jumping’s done for the day. And hell, even if you’re old-ish in the sport but still want community and some accountability for your goals, this is a hell of a resource.

She has live calls every Monday night at 8pm EST and a private Facebook group for the rest of the week. Sign up at

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Let us know if you join and we’ll send you a Blue Skies Mag sticker pack!

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