ICARUS USA is looking for a new USA Sales Manager

Written by Kolla

ICARUS is looking for a new USA Sales Manager!

The ideal candidate has knowledge of the skydiving industry, skydiving and sales experience, energetic demeanor as well as a strong work ethic, and fluency in Spanish a plus!

Core Qualifications:

* Strong marketing, writing and communication skills.
* Self Driven and passionate about the sport of Skydiving.
* Independent thinker and problem solver.
* Interpersonal skills and a strong desire to interact and educate jumpers, old and new.
* Knowledge/experience with social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.)


* Main contact for Dealers and manages all sales in the USA, as well as works closely with HQ regarding production, special orders, shipping etc.
* Organize visits to dealers and dropzones, coordinate travel, traveling demo fleet and promotional material logistics as well as travel to 1 or more events per 3 months at minimum. This includes small-large scale events.
* Works with Demo Fleet/Promotional Material online software and helps facilitate shipping and coordinate waitlist.
* Helps maintain social media sites with updates of sponsored athletes, advertising opportunities, and promotional material needs and desires.
* Production Coordinator for new product launches and support for sponsored athletes, photo/video shoots and promotional travel.

Please send cover letter and resume and other pertinent material to


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