Women’s Vertical World Record – 2016 edition with Melissa Lowe

Written by Kolla

With a couple of chicks manning the desks at the Blue Skies Magazine headquarters in DeLand, we tend to reach across to high-five each other when chicks gather do something cool in the sport. Such as setting records, like the vertical one going on at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, AZ right now.

A veteran of many jumps, records and achievements in the sport, #worldrecordmomma and organizer Melissa Nelson Lowe will be covering the event LIVE on our Facebook page. Melissa is optimistic that the ladies will come together and have a brand new record for 2016, improving on the 63-way set in 2013. Melissa’s co-organizers are Amy Chmelecki and Sara Curtis; all three  incredibly talented and adept at organizing and carrying the task at hand.

We will be rooting for the ladies – and many thanks to Melissa for letting us follow along on this journey. Go get it girls!


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