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Meet the Sky Family: Milly

Sky Family Stickers from Blue Skies Magazine |
Meet Milly!
Written by Lara

Today we introduced our newest products to the world: SkyFamily Stickers!

Each little sticker in the fam is named after someone we look up to, love or admire. Please help us welcome our first SkyFam member, Milly. parapeople-woman

Have you ever met someone so joyful, so kind, so centered-and after all that, so incredible at flying-that you think, “Damn, I need to work on my life?”

PD New Beginning

Milly Wallace, a paragliding instructor at Cloud 9 Paragliding in Utah, is that someone. This little sticker encapsulates pure love of flight as displayed by Milly. Her canopy (or wing, as the cool paragliding kids call them) is an extension of her self, her soul, her love.

We’ll never be as cool as Milly, but we can put a sticker on our car that honors her!

[Disclosure: Milly also works at Fluid Wings, which is owned by Blue Skies Mag co-owner Kolla’s husband.]

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