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The Definitive Beer Fine Rules

I thought no one would notice if I landed between the hangars while destroying the beer line...Fail |
A Lannister always pays his beer debts.
Written by Lara

Everyone knows you have to pay beer fines for firsts. But, BUT. How much beer? What firsts? What about alcoholics or underage jumpers? What kind of beer is acceptable? How should this beer be delivered?

This is where you come in. We’re crowdsourcing the definitive Rules of Beer Fines. Submit your proposed rule here, and vote on the rules you think should or should not be included in the official rule book.

We’ll print the official Top Ten (or whatever) Rules of Beer Fines in the December 2016 issue of Blue Skies Mag.

226 votes

Beer lines

Every DZ should have clearly defined beer lines. Any jumper landing on or outside the beer lines owes a case of beer.


187 votes

First cut away

First cutaway = case o beer. (Not to be confused or combined with any rigger refreshments due)


155 votes

Milestone Jump Numbers

100, 500, 1000, and then every thousandth jump.

Sky families are the best families. |

154 votes

Any license and rating

Certainly a first shen it comes to licenses and added ratings.

Sky families are the best families. |

149 votes

Definition of a “case” of beer

A case of beer is any of the following:
* 24 cans
* 24 12-oz bottles
* 12 22-oz bottles


101 votes

Beer brand selection

Beer brand selection shall be the choice of the person purchasing the beer.
(Snobbery should not be encouraged)
(Lets not add insult to injury by making someone buy beer they wouldnt normally drink, this is supposed to be a voluntary, fun way to learn.)

Sky families are the best families. |

61 votes

First Rig

It can be a 1984 vortex with a navigator and a round reserve. Or a Voodoo Curve 02 with a brand new saber2. If it is the first rig you ever owned, it is beer.


51 votes

First Naked Skydive

Jumper must buy sufficient beer to completely erase the memory of what was seen by anyone present.


40 votes

When you supply the “owed” case of beer

When you provide a case of beer that is owed, you are entitled to the first beer of said case.


27 votes

Landing Off

Unless you were hosed by the entire load and need a better organizer, Landing off = case of beer. (*Landing off = too far to walk, vehicle needed to bring you back to hanger, landing outside the “airport” property, etc..,)


23 votes

Underage Jumpers – Otter Pops

Our underage jumpers bring Otter Pops, instead of beer.. Which is awesome on hot days, before the beer light is on.


23 votes

I’m new here!

First jump at a new DZ! A case of beer can help getting to know your new sky friends!


20 votes

Bad Spot

You spot a load where all jumpers land off- case of beer.


14 votes

Any Firsts!

Once a jumper hits 25 jumps, any first thereafter requires a case of beer.


12 votes

No exemptions for time in the sport or high jump numbers

It doesn’t matter if you have 100,000+ jumps and/or jumped a Da Vinci from a Montgolfier, if do something significant for the first time, you owe beer!


8 votes

Causing close calls

If you don’t get run off the drop zone, then definitely buy a case of beer.


4 votes

Popsicle Rule

I’ve always heard the underage/non-drinker rule is otter-pops. A case of otter pops or good Popsicle.


Our Rules….


The Eaddy Guide to Beer Rules

If you think you owe beer, buy beer. If you don’t think you owe beer, man the fuck up and buy beer anyhow.


Rules as I have understood them

  • BIG firsts: first 4 way, 8 way, etc. First jump on your first rig or suit.
  • Every license, 100, 500, 1000s for jumps.
  • All of those are one case PER DAY total. Beer line infractions can add to more than one case per day.
  • Cannot buy beer, do not drink? Something else can be substituted as a social lubricant from something for the grill to water/soda/etc.
  • Except in the case of beer line violations, which are to encourage staying safe via a monetary penalty, the beer rules are supposed to bring old and new jumpers together for information exchange and build familial bonds in the community, not just be a strangely efficient pyramid scheme.

How it should be.

  • If beer is owed, it’s a 24 pack.
  • Completing AFF – beer
  • Getting an A license – beer
  • 100 & 500 jumps – beer
  • 1,000 jumps – you buy a keg and then are forever exempt from beer fines.
  • Plus associated beer fines for crossing beer lines or doing something really stupid like landing downwind against traffic.

-1 votes

First trip down in the plane

Realisation off too windy or other reason, first trip downs a case


-2 votes

Unsanctioned Beer Fine Beer Fine

You owe a case of beer if you cry “beer” for an unsanctioned reason.


-3 votes

I hate beer rules

I vote that in addition to the person having to buy beer, they have to show that they understand what they did was wrong by articulating said fine to DZO/Management. I’m all about drinking free beer but people also need to be held accountable.


-7 votes

New Gear

Any first jump with new rig / jumpsuit / canopy

Sky families are the best families. |

-7 votes

No beer owed for century jumps

First means first. You don’t owe beer for 100/200/500/1000/etc jumps. There’s another penalty for that which you will find out when your time comes.


-11 votes

Closing loop destruction fine

If you rip your closing loop in two while closing your rig, you owe a case of beer. (This will serve as a reminder to replace your loop before it is so rotten.)

Sky families are the best families. |

-19 votes

every cut away

Every reserve ride – case of beer
(Even Tandem Masters)


-20 votes

Late fees

Beer fines not paid within thirty days of the offense are subject to doubling. This ensures people do t avoid paying their fines until the season end


-23 votes

Peas landing

First time landing in the peas without any help (radio etc) = case of beer

Sky families are the best families. |

-23 votes


Under age jumpers should buy a case of water. You can never have too much, esp down here in Georgia.


-27 votes


If beer is owed for more than 30 days said offender shall be prohibited from being manifested on a load until debt has been paid. ( This encourages jumpers to not only pay fines but enjoy beer with family)


-27 votes

Definition of a case of beer.

Anything more than a six pack.
(skydiving is already expensive)


-27 votes

Beer Rules are for Cheapskates

DBAA. Pay it forward. Bring a 12-pack. It’s only $15. Share. Make friends. No rules needed for that.


-28 votes

Repeat offenders

1-2 beer line offenses = 1case of beer. 3+ offenses = double beer fines


-31 votes

Coffee fine

First jump of the day rule: Each instructor, tandem master or any other person at the DZ with a special rating: If you do not touch down in the peas with any of your body parts on your first jump of the day, you owe your colleagues a coffee. (You need to buy it or make or deliver it any way coffee works at your DZ). This is just first jump, and only the first offender of the day needs to pay.


-43 votes

Proximity heroes

If you plan on doing any proximity flying and you try to “Be a Hero” in any videographic manner, you give a case of beer to every single person close to you. Or remotely related to you. Only way to do proximity, record it, and not pay, is to have no friends or family


-48 votes

Beer alternates

If the offender is underage and/or does not drink alcohol for any reason, double the amount of soda may be substituted for a case of beer.


-50 votes

First Pull

When for the first time you open your parachute with out help (instructor putting your hand in the pilot chute)


-56 votes

00 Jump Fine

Any jump # ending in “00” is not official until the beer debt has been paid for completing said jump.


-107 votes

Abolish the beer game alltogether

Encouraging drinking at the drop zone really isn’t a good look.
Participants are often hostile towards non participants of this voluntary game causing separation in a sport that must encourage cohesiveness.


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