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Help a band out?

Written by Lara

Cursing Stone, an unsigned Australian indie rock band is making a music video and could use some of your skydiving videos. They’re looking for “really sketchy moments, like near misses or moments of pure awesomeness that [can be trimmed] down to a second or so.”

Email a link to your clip if you’d like to help out!

PD New Beginning

From reddit:

We are currently working on a music video for our song ‘Alive’. The song is about pushing the limits and taking extreme risks.

We have called in every favour imaginable and have managed to record all of the band shots, but what we need now is b-roll. What I want to do is slice a whole bunch of extreme moments in between us rocking out in the warehouse. I’m looking for really sketchy moments, like near misses or moments of pure awesomeness that I can trim down to a second or so. The song is pretty fast so it calls for a pretty choppy edit.

The catch is the clip must be YOUR property and we would need your express permission to use it in our clip. The rights will completely remain your own. We just need you agree to let us use it.

Incidentally, there’s a good discussion in that reddit thread about requests like this. Some say it’s bad for the sport to give out free footage, some say those people should chill out and spread the wealth. We say there’s a time and a place for both, and this time seems like a good one to give free help.

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