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THE VIRTUAL SKYDIVING CENTER WITH MELANIE CURTIS Community Coaching Conversation Campfire Comedy And of course…. totally cool. Hahaha.. duh.
Written by Lara

Our resident life coach, Melanie Curtis, is launching a new online group specifically for skydiving. The Virtual Skydiving Center (VSC) will have a weekly online video meeting and private community forum.

Check out Mel’s info page for the full details:

We’ve talked a lot at Blue Skies Mag about how newer jumpers can possibly know whom to trust for skydiving advice. It’s easy to get a coach rating – and even a rigger’s ticket – but having ratings doesn’t automatically make someone knowledgeable or wise or trustworthy or even smart. We can categorically say that Melanie Curtis is trustworthy, wise, smart and maybe even more importantly, she is genuinely passionate about sharing information and helping people be the best they can be.

PD New Beginning

Here’s a sample of what will go down in the group:

Melanie will continue to post some public videos on her YouTube channel and more for private, VSC-only consumption. Next in the pipeline are about dealing with post-boogie blues and team building.

So if you’re looking for an additional resource and like the idea of an online community, give it a shot! For $50/month it’s certainly worth a try.

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