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Moab Turkey Boogie 2015 – Official Trailer

Written by Michael Cook

You Never Know What Your’re Going to Find, Or What You’re Going To See


In 1995, I can remember listening to The Eagle’s “Take it Easy” the very first time I ever drove to Moab. The Eagles’s music is the prefect soundtrack for discovering Moab – driving through the desert is a surreal experience. As you exit the interstate, the land is flat, but you know this dramatic place with tall rocks and cliffs called “Moab” is just over the horizon, out of sight. The anticipation builds as you approach your destination. Just a few miles now. Where is it? But once you arrive, it hits you like a scene from a movie. The gigantic rock structures surrounded by desert and canyons look unearthly, like the landscapes of Mars.

Decades later, I continue to visit this special place, and I know exactly what to expect. But on every approach it feels like I’m doing it for the very first time. That’s what makes Moab a cut above the rest. And here in this magical place is where I come to film the annual Turkey Boogie BASE jumping and fundraiser event. As producer at Negative4 Productions it’s the event I look forward to most each year. This epic three-day gathering is hosted as co-operative effort by members of the BASE community as a way to give back to one organization that does so much for them and others: Grand County Search & Rescue. All proceeds from this event in Moab, and from Negative4’s annual documentary recapping the event, go to benefit GCS&R. The last three years have collectively raised over $20,000 for these hard-working volunteers!

Negative4 is getting ready to launch the digital download sale of the 2015 Turkey Boogie documentary. The 20 minute documentary, which releases April 19th, consists of aggregated content from event-goers, combined with our production team’s own footage. Fully 100% of the proceeds from the digital download will go directly to GCS&R. Every year we aim to raise the bar with the recap video, and this year is no different.

Ready for a taste of what’s to come? Watch this epic trailer! You better be sitting down for this one…

PD New Beginning

For more info on how to purchase the documentary on April 19th, or any other inquiries about the fundraising effort or the event, please contact us at, or visit

The desert is a special place, and you never know what you’re going to find, or what you might see…

If you’d like to see more from the boogie, a pictorial was published in the January 2016 issue of Blue Skies Magazine (issue 73). Get a copy here

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