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What, not everyone is as obsessed with 30 Rock as I am?
Written by Lara

Happy Leap Day! [side note: I am American. Kolla, the other half of Blue Skies Mag, is Icelandic. I walked in this morning and said, “Happy Leap Day!” She said, “Is that a thing you people say?” So let’s all pretend Americans totally celebrate the ever-loving shit out of Leap Day. Happy Leap Day!]

To celebrate, use code ‘LEAP’ to take 29% off your entire purchase of $29 or more in the Blue Skies Mag Shoppe, today only.

With all that cash you’ve just saved, you can go hog wild on some more Leap Day sales wholly unrelated to anything we do here:

ThinkGeek | geeky toys, office supplies, cool shit
29% off $29 purchase, code FROGGER
Our picks: unicorn meat, tauntaun sleeping bag

Kentucky Bourbon Trail | boozy accessories
29% off, code LEAP
Our picks: Bourbon barrel stool, Prohibition-era glass flask

Harbor Freight | tools
Really, when is Harbor Freight not having a sale?
Free scissors, multimeter and flashlight with coupon.

Noodles & Company | delicious food we should have more of in Florida but don’t because damn the sun
$4 off an online order of $10 or more, code LEAPTHELINE
Our picks: BUFF Bangkok Curry, Wisconsin Mac & Cheese

PD New Beginning

UPDATE! We found more, including some skydiving-related sales!

Poynter News University | online writing, editing, journalism courses
25% off with code 16PLY25
Our picks: Clarity is Key: Making Writing Clean and Concise, Key Elements to Compelling Video Storytelling

Chicagoland Skydiving Center
29% off CSC gear with code LEAPDAY
Buy 100-jump package, get 29 free (email
$29.99 observer ride gift certificates

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