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Being a Skydiver Dad … Revisited

Question: “So Dean, you ever gonna let your daughter make a skydive?” Answer: “As long as she doesn’t go to a fucking drop zone to do it!”
Written by Lara

So yesterday I posted The Fuckin’ Pilot’s online reprint, “Daddy’s Little Girl.” I also kinda sorta remembered a little something in my Facebook feed not too long ago …

Alberto took great care of her! First skydive over The Palm was a huge success!

“Alberto took great care of her! First skydive over The Palm was a huge success!”

Whuuuut! That looks like The Fuckin’ Pilot in the pilot’s seat, with someone who looks a lot like his little girl in the lap of a MALE tandem instructor, presumably at a place very much like a DROP ZONE.

PD New Beginning

Remember that guy who said, “All of the sudden, every guy on the DZ was nothing but a slobbering, throbbing cock, staring at my little girl like she was on a shelf labeled ‘layaway.’ Every guy clearly had bad intentions, and I couldn’t wait to get my little baby off that damn drop zone!” Yeah that guy, just two years later, relented and took his baby girl to a real live drop zone for her first skydive.

It’s a few months late, but welcome to the DZ, Bailey! We think your dad has raised you pretty well and you won’t be a DZ bike – but hell, if that’s what you decide you want, get out and get you some, girl! Either way, we hope you had an awesome skydive and we can’t wait to jump with you.

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